Thematic Semester STRUCTURES consists of a series of conferences, workshops, schools and mini-courses devoted to various areas of foundations of mathematics and computer science. It will take place in Poland in the second half of 2023.

Descriptive set theory & dynamics
Conference (21-25.08.2023, Warsaw)
Workshop (14-18.08.2023, Warsaw)

Model theory
September-October 2023

Homogeneous structures and theoretical computer science
October-November 2023

Pure set theory – forcing axioms and inner models
November-December 2023

This website is devoted to the descriptive set theory part of the semester. For more general information, please check out

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The thematic semester is based on the Simons Semester at the Banach Center in Warsaw and the IDUB Thematic Research Program of the University of Warsaw. The model theory part is co-funded by the University of Wrocław.

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